Update 17 September

September 18, 2014 / OnetoAnother / 2014 Floods

  03-DSC_1156-001 The threat to Multan city has passed now and the water level has already begun to recede.   However, the reality of the situation has become apparent and the desperation of the flood victims has increased. There has been an impressive effort from the government through the army in relief and rescue.  There are also several religious organizations providing relief efforts.  However, this is mostly concentrated in areas of close proximity to the city and we suspect will quickly dwindle as the days go by. Yesterday the army were using boats to take men out to find their villages and homes.  We are also trying to get out to more far reaching areas as roads are opened again, in order to assess the needs further out.   15-DSC_0028-001, OnetoAnother have been distributing in the areas of Shujabad (south of Multan), Suraj Mayani (close to the city) and Nawab Pur (North West). Thanks to your kind donations, we have been able to give out tents, water and dry food rations. This includes: 10 tents 40 ration packs 1275 liters of water Our plan is to get out to Rung Pur (the town we initially surveyed) as soon as the roads are cleared.  It may also be possible for us to get there by boat.  We are really keen to meet the people we had interviewed and see what has become of their homes. There are more photos updated on the "Latest Photos" page.     09-DSC_0003-001 18-DSC_0057                   02-DSC_1133-001  

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