November Update

December 7, 2015 / OnetoAnother / MicroLoans, Victoria Memorial Hospital

Victoria Memorial Drawing   OnetoAnother continues to work on the construction of Victoria Memorial Hospital in Multan Pakistan. On November 23rd the roof of the ground floor was installed. The project is currently running behind schedule by approximately one month due to poor weather conditions. Our hope is that we will be able to catch up a little in the new year.
Our Micro-loan project was restarted this month, the program has been designed slightly differently this time as our loans have increased in size enabling borrowers to start larger business that will provide larger incomes. Recent loans provided include a Scaffolding business with an investment of approximately $10,000. A second business recently established is that of a 'Loader Rickshaw' which is basically an improvised motor transport vehicle with an investment of about $1,500. Thirdly a small van was purchased costing $8,000 which will be used as a school transport vehicle.
We hope to have more details in Christmas Newsletter soon.

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