Health & Development Centre in Baseera completed!

September 7, 2013 / OnetoAnother / Flood Reconstruction

In early August 2013 OnetoAnother completed construction of a Health & Development Centre (HDC) near Baseera in the Muzzafaragarh district. The HDC has been built to meet both the health care needs of the area as well as provide a place for training of the local people. Through a partnership with Women's Christian Hospital theĀ  HDC will provide maternity services, family planning, vaccination and pediatric check-ups for the local population at affordable prices. The HDC will also be used to train village health personnel, provide adult literacy classes, and a sewing centre for women to learn a trade with which they can raise their incomes. The HDC is equipped with 3 large classrooms for the purpose of training. All construction work of the covered area was completed in August 2013 featuring 17 rooms and 7 bathrooms.

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