About Us

Vision and Mission

'One To Another' exists to improve the lives of poor and marginalized families in Pakistan by:
  • providing education and training to equip and empower
  • mobilizing human and material resources to create enterprise
  • seeking spiritual wholeness for each individual
  • pursuing sustainability for long-term success

How do we fulfill our Vision and Mission?

  • Victoria Memorial Hospital project in rural Multan
  • Rebuilding houses in the flood affected region of Muzzafaragarh
  • Housing for poor Christian families in Multan city
  • Vocational Training - Electrical, Carpentry, Welding, Sewing
  • Micro Enterprise - Donkey Carts, Rickshaws, Sewing Machines, other small business'
  • Micro Loans
  • Mobile Village Medical Camps
  • Supporting Education - school fee sponsorship, resources
  • Loving others as Christ loved us


One To Another was started in response to the 2010 floods in Pakistan. ┬áIn 2011, we received official registration as a Society and expanded on to include other projects.